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The Couples Ministry seeks to assist couples in establishing a Christian foundation in their marriage and to help


prepare engaged couples for marriage. Through various conferences, retreats and workshops, the ministry helps


couples maintain Christ-centered relationships.

Evangelism & Outreach Ministry

The Evangelism & Outreach Ministry seeks to spread the word of God to reach those who have not accepted


Christ as their Savior and to equip people for Christian service so that the Gospel can be known, understood and experienced.

In addition to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Evangelism & Outreach Ministry engages in various


community service projects, including (but not limited to):


feeding the homeless;

facilitating clothing and coat drives;

visiting and aiding the sick and shut-in;

co-hosting health and awareness community programs.

Gatekeepers Ministry

The Gatekeepers Ministry seeks to establish and maintain a warm, inviting and unintimidating spirit at the entrance


of every gate of FACOR. It is our goal that a welcoming and lifting smile will provide you with a memorable



Membership Orientation

Membership Orientation seeks to familiarize new members on the guidelines and protocol of FACOR.



The two-fold purpose of the Membership Orientation is:


to enable new members to speak the same things as members of the local body;

to provide an opportunity for others to see how Fresh Anointing operates and know what we believe.


The Men's Ministry focuses on the building of comradery and fellowship while uplifting each other as men in


Christ. The ministry seeks to help mentor younger generations as they walk in Christ as young adults and transition


into manhood, encourage each other in brotherly love, and increase fellowship and relationship with one another.

Shepherd's Care Ministry

The Shepherd's Care Ministry oversees pastoral care by establishing a blueprint to ensure the overall well-being of

the pastors.


The ministry seeks to ensure that the pastors have what they need so that they can be free to teach and


preach the Word of God without limits.

Single's Ministry

The Single's Ministry is designed to create fellowship and promote holy living by the Word of God as single


Christians. The Single's Ministry seeks to provide its members with Christian-centered teaching on topics and issues


relevant to living a virtuous lifestyle.



Additionally, the ministry engages in a number of recreational activities befitting for today's Christian single,


including movie nights, bowling and various community outreach activities in conjunction with the Evangelism and


Outreach Ministry.

Total Women's Ministry

The Total Women's Ministry is designed to uplift and encourage women of all ages to be the complete package God


has called us to be. The ministry focuses on building relationships, receiving impartation, and mentoring women in


every area of life, including your personal spiritual walk with Christ and topics discussing self-esteem, hygiene, diet


and appearance

MASA Ministry (Music and Sacred Arts)

The Worship, Praise and Sacred Arts Ministry incorporates the band, praise team, choir, spoken word, poetry, praise


dance, mime and drama ministries. The ministry focuses on bringing glory to God with our gifts. We continue


to pray the fresh anointing of God to be upon us so that he may be please and others may be touched, changed,


encouraged and delivered by God's power working through us.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry is designed to help develop the youth of the ministry into God-loving,


productive citizens as they grow up. The ministry believes in teaching children about the love of Christ and living


as Christians at an early age and continuing to nurture their growth and development as they grow up to be adults.


Additionally, the ministry participates in a number of social outings for the youth, including trips to the zoo, circus,


Disney on ice and many others.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Team focuses on keeping the church lifted in prayer. Our purpose is to always pray for our


pastors, leaders, members, visitors, the ministry vision as a whole, and the body of Christ at large.

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